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Since 2013, we’ve helped hundreds of St Louis businesses get more leads and customers from Google, and we’d love to help you do the same. Our team is led by Nathan Gotch, a globally recognized SEO expert. See him in action on KSDK promoting his new book, The SEO Entrepreneur:

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We help our clients win in the most competitive industries like health, legal, B2B, and SaaS.

5 Reasons You Need an SEO Consultant in St Louis

It Can Be Your #1 Growth Channel

I’ve built many businesses using nothing but Search Engine Optimization as my core digital marketing channel. We’ve also turned SEO into the #1 digital marketing growth channel for 100s of St Louis, MO companies.

And want to know what’s cool when Search Engine Optimization is your #1 digital marketing channel?

You’re not reliant on expensive ads that become more difficult with each passing day.

And you’ll experience this:

Get Leads and Sales 24/7

Google works around the clock to send you qualified traffic, leads, and sales. It doesn’t take breaks. And once you rank, you can get 24/7 sales for YEARS—more on this in a second.

But you might be wondering: why is Search Engine Optimization so effective?

For one simple reason:


When someone searches for “St Louis SEO consultant,” I know what they want. They need a St Louis SEO company to help them get better rankings.

If someone searches “what is Search Engine Optimization,” I know they’re interested in learning about SEO or inbound marketing.

That’s the power of intent within search engines. Intent allows you to create pages based on what the searcher is looking to achieve.

As a result, you can target keywords at each stage of a buyer’s journey.

And this all happens on autopilot. Bringing me to the next important point:

The Value Lifespan Dominates Every Other Channel

Social media marketing is like winning the lottery. 99% of the time, it’s based on luck. Unfortunately, the truth is that most social media marketing campaigns fall on deaf ears.

In other words, most campaigns don’t work! There are a few reasons, but one is that the lifespan of social content is short.

For example, you post a Tweet, which may get traction for a week. Then you need to do it again over and over to maintain any visibility.

But for Search Engine Optimization, you create one asset, rank it, and you’ll keep getting traffic, leads, and sales for years.

You get it, Search Engine Optimization is awesome. But now here’s the most important reason to get started now:

Time in the Market

Your competitors are already investing in Search Engine Optimization and inbound marketing; if you aren’t, you’ll play catch up.

Here’s the deal: SEO is like investing.

You may have heard the concept that “time in the market beats timing the market” within investing. The same is true for SEO.

You need to be doing Search Engine Optimization (be in the market) to get the compounded benefits. SEO is a long play; the longer you wait, the harder it gets.

And this isn’t my opinion; it’s math.

If your competitors have 100 SEO content assets working right now, you’ll need to create 100. If your competitors have 1,000 backlinks, you’ll need 1,000 backlinks. To beat them, you must narrow the gaps between you and your competitors. It’s that simple. So the longer you wait, the harder it gets!

Our St Louis

SEO Services.

Local SEO Service

Want to dominate your local search area (like St Louis, Missouri) and capture all the best leads and customers? Our local SEO services rank small St Louis businesses in Google’s local search pack and the organic results. That means you can occupy more real estate for your most important keywords.

Our St Louis SEO company will turn your website into a lead generation machine. Through advanced SEO services, content marketing, and link acquisition.

We’ve seen it all, whether you’re in the competitive legal vertical or a solo St Louis business owner.

National SEO Service

Are you targeting customers across the entire country? Good news. National Search Engine Optimization services are our bread and butter. We’ve ranked in the most competitive verticals like health, supplements, law, and B2B.

So we’ll make Google your #1 customer acquisition channel by developing an effective organic SEO strategy, performing technical SEO (UX optimization, site speed optimization, etc), content marketing, and link building. As a result, we’ll explode your organic website traffic and keyword rankings.

Keyword Research Service

Anyone can find keywords, but knowing what keywords are best takes years of experience. That’s when we come in. Our proprietary keyword research process identifies the best keywords based on countless variables.

SEO Audit Service

Need a blueprint for driving organic traffic, leads, and sales? Our SEO audit service will give you the foundation you need to succeed with Search Engine Optimization (on your own).

Link Building Services

Already have a solid on-site and content foundation? Backlinks are the fuel on the fire to take your SEO performance to the next level. We’ll get you the best editorial backlinks (that work) using proven and safe link building tactics.

1-on-1 SEO Consulting

Already doing well with Search Engine Optimization but need some support (from real experts) to get even better results? Our team of top 1% St Louis SEO experts can help—work 1-on-1 with one of our consultants monthly to elevate your performance.

In a Sea of St Louis SEO Consultants, Why Us?

Results, Not Silly Deliverables

Do you care if a St Louis SEO company updated your title tag? As a business, you care about results from your Internet marketing efforts. That’s why we focus on high-impact actions that will deliver the best results (long-term). Not all actions are equal in Search Engine Optimization. So, instead of nonsense deliverables, we focus on what works.

Speaking of results, here’s a taste of what we can do:

Work with Real St Louis SEO Experts, Not Interns

Our St Louis SEO company is intentionally small because we only hire the top 1% of professionals. Would you rather have a seasoned professional working on your campaign or an intern? That’s how 99% of agencies work. They assign an inexperienced account manager to manage your campaign. They’re focused on scaling; we’re focused on results.

Get a Custom Campaign, Not a Cookie-Cutter Approach

Every SEO and inbound marketing situation is unique and requires a customized strategy. Therefore, our St Louis SEO company will assess your situation and develop a personalized plan that works.

Radical Transparency, Not SEO “Secrets”

There are no “secrets” in Search Engine Optimization. Anyone who claims so is likely engaged in the shady side of Internet marketing and SEO services. We share every single action and result with you. You can access the exact Google folder where all of our work lives. That way, you never have to wonder what we’re doing. Plus, we also:

Over-communication, Not Ghosting

You deserve to see the work we’re doing, and we’re also proud. So that’s why we make it a point to have many touchpoints to keep you in the loop.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does SEO cost for a St Louis business?

Before I explain, it’s important to reframe this question. Search Engine Optimization is NOT a cost. It is an investment. You put $1 in when it works and get $2 + out.

Now, I will say this:

Working with the wrong partner will turn SEO into a cost.

In fact:

You’ll flush money down the toilet if you pick an inexperienced SEO agency that uses sketchy SEO tactics.

Now, back to the original question: how much investment is necessary to get SEO results?

First, the total investment you should expect is specific to your industry. Second, it’s based on the individual or digital marketing agency’s amount of experience. In the case of industry, the more competitive it is, the bigger the budget you’ll need to break through.

For example, ranking for “St Louis personal injury lawyer” is much more competitive than trying to rank for “St Louis hot dog stand.” The second piece of the equation is experience.

Take a look at this study from Ahrefs:

You’ll need to invest more to work with an experienced digital marketing professional. Some newbie St Louis SEO professionals might become great at what they do.

But are you willing to take that risk?

It’s much less risky to invest with an SEO agency that already has battle scars through years of experience. So, yes, you’ll need to invest more, but it’s a much better long-term investment.

Here’s why:

Picking the wrong vendor can lead to poor quality work and penalties from Google. In the long run, fixing poor-quality SEO work will cost you much more.

Work with experienced SEO agencies out of the gate to save yourself the headache.

Should you work with a big digital marketing agency?

There are many great “big” St Louis digital marketing agencies. But, most digital marketing agencies offer Search Engine Optimization as an upsell, not a core service.

For example, they may specialize in web design and development but provide SEO as a backend offer.

You know that a jack of all trades is a master of none.

No St Louis SEO agencies can be great at:

  • brand strategy
  • web design / web development
  • app development
  • graphic design
  • email marketing
  • media planning
  • conversion optimization…


That’s impossible.

SEO is an advanced skill set that’s constantly changing.

To be top 1% at SEO (like us), you must focus 100% of your time and effort on it. That’s why we ONLY do SEO.

Yes, this hurts our topline by not offering other services. But the sacrifice is worth it because we can do exceptional SEO work for our St Louis clients.

The other downside with a full-service marketing agency is that you’ll be another number on their roster. When you work with us, we are partners and extensions of your business.

In other words, we treat your St Louis business as if it was our own.

You’ll work with our top 1% of SEO experts, not a college intern without experience.

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